Complaint’s Procedure

  • In the event that you have any problems at all with your case you are entitled to complain. Areas of complaint that you are entitled to complain to the Firm about include anything to do with the way that your case has been handled, complaint’s regarding the Firm’s bill that you have received, or any other aspects of your case that you feel have not been dealt with satisfactorily.
  • Initially your complaint should be made to the fee earner who is dealing with the conduct of your case. That person will try and resolve matters to your complete satisfaction.
  • If you are still unhappy after you have made the complaint to the immediate fee earner then you can formally complain to Mr J Cowling. He will investigate your concerns and contact you to talk about the problem. It would be helpful if you were to put your complaint in writing (keeping a copy for yourself) explaining the details of your complaint and what action you want us to take. Afterwards Mr J Cowling will write to you confirming your complaint and what will be done about it. This will be done at no extra cost to yourself.
  • If you still feel that your complaint has not been resolved we will give you the details of the Legal Ombudsman to whom you can refer the complaint. Details of the Legal Ombudsman Complaint Procedure are found at or on 0300 555 0333. Any complaint to the Legal Ombudsman must be usually made within 12 months of the date of our final written response on your complaint or within six years of the act or omission about which you are complaining occurring (or, if outside this period, within three years of when you should reasonably have been aware of it). For further information, you should contact the Legal Ombudsman or consult their website.
  • Please be aware that if your complaint relates to a bill of costs that you have received from the Firm. There may be a right to object to the bill by applying to the Court for an assessment of the bill under Part 3 of the Solicitors Act 1974. Please also be aware, however, that if all or part of the bill remains unpaid the Firm may be entitled to charge interest.
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